Stranded – a crime-thriller set on the streets of Halifax.


Just think about it.
How many locked doors there are on your street alone? How many basements? How many attics?
How many sound-proof booths?
People disappear. People die. We hear about some in the papers, but how many other thousand
happen every day without us knowing? The world contains an infinite amount of possibilities;
possibilities that are being hidden from us.

Local Theatre Group revives an original piece of writing ‘Stranded’; a crime-thriller set on the streets of Halifax. Tales of bereavement, yearning and revenge collide as two ordinary people search for the truth.

Grim North Theatre have dusted off one of their previous shows, completely deconstructed the script and remade it from the ground up. We join two characters on separate journeys, a Hard-as-Nails police detective Nina Clarke who is still coming to terms with the abduction of her child and an arrogant psychiatrist Dr. Richard Vanguard who is faced with the toughest patient of his career.

As events unfold they discover more about the world they thought they knew.

The show explores the idea of morality and the difference between perception and reality. The new script re-addresses the core themes of the show and brings them into clear focus.

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Grim North Theatre is a company of performers and graduates who have been creating original works since 2008. Their plays aim to introduce cinematic elements and themes to live drama and explore the darker side of human nature.

Over the last Nine years Grim North Theatre have produced new pieces of theatre ranging from supernatural thriller to a steam-punk Shakespeare adaption and continue to experiment in order to produce theatre that challenges and intrigues but also, ultimately, entertains.

Venue: Orange Box young people’s centre 1 Blackledge, HX1 1AF Halifax, West Yorkshire

Dates: 20th – 22nd July

Tickets: £10