Dear Prudence’s Laura Park Gives us Some Instagram Advice

We came across the work of Dear Prudence, through our lovely friends at The Egg Factory in Hebden Bridge.   We then did what most people do now and started to follow Dear Prudence, (Designer and Illustrator Laura Park) on Instagram.  Her posts are both engaging and beautiful and she has well over a 1000 followers.  We loved Laura’s ‘Insta-Style’ so much that we thought we’d ask her to write us a guest feature, giving other artists, designers and illustrators some top tips on using Instagram to promote their work.

As well as writing this feature Laura has also been busy creating a bespoke exhibition to be shown at The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre this Summer.  It will open with a Preview night on Thursday 6th July where all will be invited along to see her beautiful work and get the chance to meet Laura and chat all things creative.

Instagram has been an integral part of growing my business, networking, finding my tribe and opening doors to new opportunities.

The great thing about Instagram is it’s always growing, changing and forming. It never stands still.

I want to break down a few simple key points on how you can use Instagram to your advantage:


Create images that have intention and purpose and ultimately that people want to see!

Beautiful well created imagery is the key.  Finding a style and tone can also help build your brand and get across what you are about and aesthetically who you want to attract.

Think about it as a quick way to blog.

Hashtags #

Hashtags can seem a bit daunting. However once you get the hang of them and understand the best way to use them you will begin to see more users following your feed.

Use hastags as a strategy to discover your tribe and then put yourself in front of them.

You can also invent your own hashtags. Be creative and bold.


Don’t wait for people to discover you. Go out and make your own following. Go to your explore icon (magnifying glass) Here you can type in places so you can link with your community and locals. You can also find other like minded individuals and start commenting on their images, following them or just liking.

It is really important to be genuine and not to over do it. Only engage in images you actually like.

Little and often

Speak directly to your followers.

For example always try to post a morning image. Don’t post one image straight after another. Little and often is the key. Be consistent and maybe take five minutes a day to connect with images and new followers.

Take part

Take part in challenges you find on the Instagram creative community. For example I recently took up the challenge set by another creative called meet the maker. It had a different instagram challenge everyday for the whole of March. It was a great way to get into the habit of posting everyday and I saw my followers and activity doubling.

Also share your knowledge and tag other creatives that you admire. I try to do this a couple of times a month. Again don’t go wild.

I hope you find these easy strategies helpful in growing your business and hopefully getting the word out there so people can find you and appreciate what you do and love.

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