S Q U A R E S C R A T C H – Call out for Artists

Scratch Night: Wednesday 7 June

Deadline to apply: Monday 1 May

Square Chapel is buzzing with energy as we prepare to open the doors to our brand-new building in April ’17.   Following the launch of our new talent development programme, Square Route, we are incredibly excited to be hosting our first Scratch Night which will mark the opening of our new ‘Copper’ studio space, in the first of a series of soft launches before the official opening of the new Square Chapel in Autumn ’17.

Square Scratch is all about testing new ideas in their rawest form in front of a live audience.   It’s about being bold and pushing boundaries; and finding different ways to make exciting new work.   We want to encourage artists to connect with audiences at an earlier stage in the development of their work, and give audiences an insight into the way in which that work is made, with the opportunity to offer critical feedback to influence its further development.  There is no right or wrong; only an open space and a warm environment in which to experiment.  We are looking for both emerging and established artists working within any performance discipline who are ready to test up to 15 minutes of new material in front of a live audience.  We want to see innovation, experimentation, quality and creativity from a diverse range of artists who will be amongst the very first to perform in our new space, at a monumental time for Square Chapel.

To apply, please send a brief proposal to alison@squarechapel.co.uk detailing the following information:

Name of Artist / Company Name of Lead Applicant

Name of Project Outline of Project (500 words max.)

Marketing copy and image (100 words max.)

Any technical requirements (include size of company)

Email Address

Contact Number

Website (if applicable) / links to existing material

Deadline for applications is 12 noon on Monday 1 May.

Successful applicants will be informed by Monday 8 May. Each selected project will be allocated £100 to cover basic expenses and will be featured on our website with links to their own. Be part of Square Chapel as we begin the next chapter of our story.

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