the T – a revolutionary design on Kickstarter


Kevin Norman, a mechanical engineer and CEO of Iveanidea Ltd in Halifax has designed and created a completely new and innovative product called the T.

After a long period of sustained effort, research and development, the T aims to make using your tablet or Ipad even easier.

the T is a revolutionary design for holding your iPad or tablet computer which enables you to:

* Hold a tablet of any size both horizontally and vertically, unlike most conventional stands

* Adjust the screen angle to any position

* Rest your tablet securely, easily and comfortably on any surface, including on your lap whilst relaxing or on the move

* Maintain an improved posture while using your device and be fully mobile and hands-free

To back the T and to find out more head to their Kickstarter page:

We are trying to generate as much interest from potential backers as possible in this early stage to make the T come to life, which is why there will be a limited number of the T at a knock down starter price for our early bird backers and also a discounted price for our other backers.

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